‘BOOST’ing LCentral's Journey: Innovating Weekly and Termly Quizzes

‘BOOST’ing LCentral’s Journey: Innovating Weekly and Termly Quizzes

How do educational institutions navigate the intricate world of digital learning solutions? With things always changing and needing to fit together perfectly, learning centres like LCentral are dedicated to enriching student experiences effectively. Through a partnership with HeyHi, they introduced the BOOST online learning platform, revolutionising classroom learning with automated quizzes and personalised feedback. Let’s dive into how LCentral made it all happen!


LCentral stands as one of the premier English learning centre chains in Singapore, with a legacy dating back to 2008. Dedicated to providing top-tier educational experiences, LCentral’s programmes align seamlessly with Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) English Language syllabus. LCentral’s commitment to excellence extends beyond traditional classrooms, as it collaborates with student care centres and preschools, imparting its award-winning English curriculum.

Catering to students from N1 to P6, LCentral is equipped with qualified English teachers, an MOE-aligned curriculum, structured reading programmes, and exam-mastery initiatives. This ensures that each student receives personalised attention and systematic progress tracking. As educational approaches evolve globally, LCentral is continuously looking to enhance the learning journey of its students and streamline operations across its branches. They sought new methods to reinforce what students learn in class effectively.


In an effort to enhance the educational journey for both students and teachers, LCentral actively sought innovative solutions. One of the primary challenges they faced was the absence of a system that could complement physical class content with effective review and practice tools. LCentral required a solution that could provide detailed information to guide students’ understanding and enhance their academic performance. Additionally, leveraging technology to create more content and accurately capture student progress was crucial. Digital content had the potential to excite and engage students, offering enriched learning experiences and significantly increasing student engagement.


The introduction of advanced digital solutions held the promise of demonstrating value to parents through visible curriculum upgrades, improving student retention in the ‘Success programme,’ and positioning LCentral as a forward-thinking adopter of educational technology. To address these pressing challenges, LCentral needed to partner with a provider who could design the initiative seamlessly and integrate it with their existing infrastructure, revolutionising classroom learning and meeting the evolving needs of students and educators.

Solution and Impact


Through the partnership, HeyHi offers LCentral a powerful e-assessment platform combined with LCentral’s proprietary content, creating the robust BOOST online learning platform. This platform features weekly auto-marked revision worksheets with curated multiple-choice and short-answer questions that complement students’ in-class learning, providing additional practice. Monthly tests with provided solutions further enrich the learning experience, encouraging students to complete them at their own pace for personalised learning journeys.

HeyHi’s ready-to-use question bank and AI worksheet generator support LCentral teachers by delivering quality coaching and custom worksheets. Detailed analytics track student performance in online quizzes and tests, identifying strengths and learning gaps. Students receive timely feedback, eliminating the need for in-class reviews. This feature also provides visibility into performance metrics, fostering a collaborative learning environment and enhancing parental engagement in their child’s education journey.

HeyHi offers an HQ-Branches system structure that offers unique benefits to LCentral’s BOOST platform management. This system enables each branch to operate independently while allowing the headquarters (HQ) to distribute quality learning content, monitoring and streamlining activities across all branches seamlessly. This ensures confidentiality and independence for each branch, while allowing LCentral’s HQ to maintain a significant level of curriculum quality control.

The BOOST platform has successfully complemented physical class content, provided essential reviews of key concepts, and offered additional practice opportunities. With detailed solutions guiding their understanding, students have not only seen improved academic performance but have also gained confidence and the necessary tools for continued academic excellence. The integration of digital content has excited and engaged students, providing a more dynamic and enriched learning experience.

LCentral SUCCESS now enhanced with BOOST


LCentral Achievements with BOOST Available across all 14 centres islandwide (FREE for all LCentral Success students) Over 250 weekly quizzes and practice tests More than 1500 users Mar-June 2024

A clear value has been demonstrated to parents through visible curriculum enhancements. This has improved student retention rates in the Success programme, showcasing LCentral’s commitment to adopting cutting-edge educational technology. The unique HQ-Branches structure provided by HeyHi has been instrumental in this success. This customised structure integrates seamlessly with LCentral’s existing management system, maximising administrative efficiency at the centre level. It allows for real-time syncing of student enrolment, classes, and crucial data, reducing manual workload and ensuring data accuracy.


LCentral’s partnership with HeyHi in implementing the BOOST online learning platform marks a milestone in digital education, showcasing the power of technology to revolutionise learning. By embracing innovative solutions and integrating them seamlessly into their curriculum, LCentral has unlocked new levels of student engagement, personalised learning, and operational excellence. As LCentral continues to lead the way in educational innovation, its success serves as an inspiration for educators and institutions worldwide.

Discover how HeyHi can transform your educational journey and empower your students with remarkable outcomes. Explore more about LCentral’s innovative solutions and the Boost platform here or learn more about the Success programme here.

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