I Can Read & Oodles Learning Quest: Closing The Gaps with Smart Adaptive Assessment

In the fast-progressing world of education, staying ahead requires innovative solutions that cater to individual learning needs. This article explores how HeyHi supports I Can Read (ICR) and Oodles Learning (OL), through HeyHi’s AI-powered adaptive assessment that provides personalised learning, automation, and data analytics at scales. 

I Can Read (ICR) envisions itself to be the industry leader in providing premium English language education across Asia and beyond. Their distinguished reading programme, crafted by educational psychologists across 15 years of research and fieldwork, has made a significant impact on over 300,000 students globally. Certified by Education Alliance Finland, ICR integrates research-backed methodologies with a mission to empower students on their reading journey.

In parallel, Oodles Learning (OL), established in 2010, serves as the certified Math tuition partner of onSponge, delivering the official onSponge learning programmes across 13 centres in Singapore. Committed to unlocking every child’s fullest potential, OL has an outstanding track record of helping 80% of its students achieve AL1 to AL3 in PSLE Math. As the leading Math specialist, OL is committed to delivering a high-quality curriculum and fostering an engaging learning environment that enables students to achieve excellence in Math.

Recognising the imperative to  keep up with an ever-changing educational landscape, ICR and OL are actively embracing innovative approaches to students’  learning journey. Two crucial needs have emerged in this pursuit. Firstly, the necessity to consistently and automatically capture students’ performance, thus enabling a more nuanced understanding of individual learners’ profiles. This data-driven insight allows for tailored instruction, identifying strengths and weaknesses with precision. Secondly, the establishment of standardised  academic evaluation across all centres provides a benchmark for appraising a child’s performance against a broader cohort. By meeting these needs, ICR and OL are poised to revolutionise the learning experience, leveraging personalised instruction to unlock the full potential of each student based on a comprehensive understanding of their academic performance throughout their journey.

In this project, HeyHi offers ICR and OL, a unique digital platform optimised for large-scale evaluation and automation. HeyHi’s platform is also integrated into ICR and OL’s existing learning management system (LMS), ensuring a seamless user experience. This joint initiative makes it efficient for administrators and operators to conduct, automate, and monitor students’ performance across their multiple centres, a crucial aspect of the business operation.

Setting up a standardised grading system, conducted every two weeks, HeyHi provides insights into students’ performance through analysed data. These insights allow ICR and OL to conveniently consolidate and analyse students’ performance on a macro level, providing vital insights to fine-tune their educational strategies.

Every student’s attempt is auto-marked so learning data is instantly captured and requires no extra work from teachers. Compared to manual marking, we streamline the tedious process in such a way that consistent grading is possible based on the same set of materials. Students can receive instant results and have access to both solution videos and unlimited practice on e-assessment papers. This system allows them to improve at their own pace while empowering ICR and OL to deliver learning impact beyond assessment.

Extending from there, HeyHi can identify each student’s learning gaps and adapt the difficulty and the content of questions based on the identified learning gaps. This system allows educators to tailor each worksheet to individual students’ progress and proficiency level so they can receive a uniquely-crafted worksheet, enabling a scalable and personalised education system.

From this project, I Can Read and Oodles Learning celebrated a remarkable milestone with thousands of student logins in just 14 days. This success is attributed to HeyHi’s digital learning platform which seamlessly integrates with ICR and OL’s existing LMS and harmoniously aligns with their educational methodologies. The platform’s real-time monitoring that mimics an in-person classroom experience along with learning gap identification have been instrumental in maintaining high levels of student engagement and fine-tuning educational strategies. This way, OL ensures that they meet the unique needs of each of their learners.

In conclusion, the ICR & OL Quest stands as a testament to the transformative and impactful power of their project with HeyHi in the education sector. Through HeyHi’s innovative and holistic AI-powered assessment solution, ICR and OL are actively pioneering new paradigms in digital learning, setting the stage for future groundbreaking achievements in improving learning for students.

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