iLearning: Achieving Learning Transparency and Personalised Education with AI

iLearning: Achieving Learning Transparency and Personalised Education with AI

Mr. GM Kwang, Principal of iLearning Schools engaged HeyHi in the year 2022 to jointly develop this online learning platform to cater to his school’s fellow students learning needs and now Mr. Kwang is in discussion with various government and international schools to use such innovative AI learning technology to help thousands over students to learn better than the conventional learning methods.

Let’s dive into the remarkable collaboration of iLearning’s educational adeptness with HeyHi’s AI-powered technology, a synergy that redefines the contours of teaching, learning, and evaluation in profound ways.


iLearning with HeyHi Collaboration

Established in 2000, iLearning has been at the forefront of delivering quality and innovative programs across various educational levels. iLearning has consistently nurtured over 10,000 students with innovative programmes and a dedicated team of experienced educators. Their mission, deeply rooted in reliability, innovation, and social responsibility, has always been at the forefront of adopting innovative approaches to enhance learning experiences and outcomes.


iLearning and HeyHi Collaboration

The onset of the global pandemic presented the need for effective e-assessment solutions in educational institutions worldwide. For iLearning, the transition to online learning during COVID-19 highlighted the limitations of traditional assessment methods, which lacked analytics, transparency, and automation for personalised learning. Tracking student progress and communicating updates to parents proved challenging without a platform to support. iLearning sought collaboration in solution with an AI-driven platform that addressed immediate pandemic-related challenges and aligned with its vision of educational excellence by offering comprehensive online assessments beyond the capabilities of traditional assessment methods.

Solution and Impact

HeyHi, with its AI-driven platform, emerged as the perfect partner for iLearning. iLearning could host its rich educational content online, ensuring accessibility. HeyHi’s analytics offer insights beyond scores, tracking completion rates, automating assessments, and enabling personalised learning. Furthermore, HeyHi’s AI Worksheet Generator empowers teachers to create customised assessments tailored to individual student needs, enhancing the standard lesson modules with additional layers of personalisation and engagement.

Since its launch, the impact of this partnership has been nothing short of remarkable. Over 7,000 quizzes were attempted and auto-marked within the first three months alone, highlighting the platform’s effectiveness and reach. The significance of this collaboration extends far beyond mere productivity enhancement.

HeyHi and iLearning Collaboration

For iLearning, HeyHi embodies far more than mere technological innovation; it serves as a gateway to unlocking novel avenues of revenue generation and broadening the horizons of their educational offerings. Through the utilisation of HeyHi’s cutting-edge technology, iLearning gains the ability to capitalise on its existing assets and curriculum, thereby transcending the traditional confines of its tuition centre and evolving into a scalable and financially rewarding enterprise.


The collaboration between iLearning and HeyHi is a shining example of how technology can transform the educational landscape when used thoughtfully and creatively. By bridging the gap between traditional teaching methods and innovative technological solutions, iLearning with HeyHi has unlocked impactful learning experiences. HeyHi’s AI-powered platform offers analytics, transparency, and automation for personalised learning, addressing the limitations of traditional methods. As iLearning continues to embrace the future of education, the role of HeyHi as a catalyst for innovation and growth remains a real example of the transformative potential of technology in education.

Achieve your goal of learning transparency with HeyHi AI-enabled assessment and personalised learning system. Elevate your educational journey now!

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