5 Interactive Whiteboard Softwares for Schools

5 Interactive Whiteboard Softwares for Schools

Schools have been using online platforms to conduct virtual classes lately, especially with the current COVID-19 situation shifting many things online. 

To achieve the best efficiency for online lessons to be held, schools have to source for good and interactive whiteboard softwares. The conditions of online classes differ greatly from physical ones, creating hurdles for both teachers and students. Students may face a lack of motivation to learn, and fall behind due to the differences in the learning environment. As virtual classes can potentially cause students to be distracted or bored, interactive whiteboard softwares would be helpful to engage them in classes and keep them focused too. 

Without the usual environment of schools and friends, students crave interaction and may not be able to focus without the proper structure of physical classes. They may also find it harder to learn online, without the physical help and guidance from teachers and classmates. Thus, interactive online platforms will help enhance the learning of students, and with engaging activities and softwares they can become more motivated to learn though physically apart from their teachers and friends.

In this article, we will be introducing 5 interactive whiteboard softwares suitable for schools.

The 5 interactive online whiteboard softwares that we will be introducing in this article are:

  1. LiveBoard
  2. Ziteboard
  3. IDroo
  4. LearnCube
  5. HeyHi


LiveBoard offers interactive whiteboard functions, helping online tutors and educators create, record and share their lessons anywhere, anytime. Past lessons from archives can be easily exported and sent to parents and students, allowing students who were absent to be able to catch up with their classes.

Groups with predefined members for different subjects can be created on LiveBoard, where lessons can be kept in one place and reused with new students. The organized structure that LiveBoard offers will make things easy for educators. 

Easy and interactive video lessons can be created on LiveBoard, and the videos can be shared on Facebook and YouTube. Quizzes and Q&A activities can be created on LiveBoard, making classes interactive and fun for students. This will help increase participation among students, keeping them engaged during online classes. 


Liveboard’s video introduction.


Ziteboard is another virtual online whiteboard that can help with real time education. It is optimised for both iPad’s Safari and Google Chrome on laptops. Team collaboration can be done through Ziteboard, with video and audio chat capabilities for discussion.

With infinite whiteboard space, educators can maximise the space given to hold their online lessons. A touch-friendly whiteboard software, Ziteboard also allows collaboration with their shared whiteboard. Group discussions and meetings can also be held on Ziteboard, creating a virtual space for group projects for students. Freehand drawing and line smoothing features can aid in educator’s classes as they can draw diagrams and models easily with their fingers. Anonymous whiteboard features are also available for Pro users, where clients and students can click a link to join anonymously. 

Ziteboard’s whiteboard collaboration tool. Photo by Ziteboard.


An online educational whiteboard with instant real time collaboration, IDroo offers various fonts, stroke widths and colours available for educators to use for their online classes. 

IDroo whiteboard is endless, and the pens have infinite ink too. With millions of pen ink colours and transparency to choose from, educators can conduct fun and enjoyable classes by playing around with the different tools on the whiteboard. IDroo’s online whiteboard is compatible for PC, laptops, tablets as well as smartphones. 

Objects drawn on whiteboards can be locked to the background, to prevent them from being removed or accidentally moved around. This will allow educators to continue with their classes without worrying about their drawings moving around or accidentally getting deleted.

IDroo’s online whiteboard. Photo by Chrome Web Store.


LearnCube offers collaborative online whiteboards designed for teaching. With a centralized file depository, lesson materials can be instantly presented and shared. Whiteboards are also subject specific, offering various tools such as rulers and compasses for online classes. Users can draw, write and sketch ideas in real time, and they can also wipe the whiteboard with just a click. 

Multiple media types such as PDFs and YouTube videos can be shared on the whiteboards in real-time. Besides, insights from classes can be assessed as educators can track students’ progress in real-time, being able to receive updates of their learning. 

LearnCube works on all devices and browsers and is also compatible with projectors. 

LearnCube’s virtual classroom video. Video by LearnCube.


HeyHi is a lightweight whiteboard app that allows for interactive tutoring. Designed specially for interactive real-time tutoring between tutors and students, HeyHi offers a clean and easy to use interface that simplifies the learning process. A simple tool for distance learning, HeyHi’s whiteboard app caters to teachers and students of all ages. 

Bring your class together in real-time! With everyone viewing the same whiteboard no matter the device, collaborative learning can be done. Given the teacher’s permission, students are able to annotate on the whiteboard, making learning fun and engaging for them. 

Lecture modes are also available, where up to 50 students can attend lectures online. Only the lecturer’s audio and video can be seen, minimizing distraction. Students can raise their hands to speak and interact, the same way they do in real life. 


HeyHi offers a variety of functions specially designed for interactive online classes. Video by HeyHi.

Lesson materials can be saved as high resolution images or as PDF files after classes, allowing students to review the annotations and diagrams shared during lessons. Images and PDF files can also be dragged and dropped into the whiteboards, allowing educators to help students visualise better. Powerpoint presentations can also be shared on the whiteboard, with annotation features for students to discuss and learn together.

With the different audio and video capabilities and controls, educators can seamlessly manage online classes, depending on their needs and desired environment of the lesson. HeyHi’s whiteboards are also touch-friendly, making it easy for both students and teachers to use. It is also not necessary to purchase a stylus just for online classes, making it a cost-efficient tool. Young students will also not face difficulties using the online whiteboards.

HeyHi offers instant messaging features, video conferencing tools as well as live polls. This will help engage students during online classes, keeping them focused on the lessons with the various activities. Students can also easily ask teachers questions through the instant chat function, allowing teachers to address all their doubts and queries during classes and not miss any of them. Using the live poll feature, teachers can conduct quizzes and competitions with the students. 

Screenshot of HeyHi’s collaborative online whiteboard. Photo by HeyHi.

Online lessons can also be recorded, and lesson materials shared can be saved in a personal library on HeyHi too. This allows students who were absent to be able to catch up on classes, and students can also revise on what was taught during lessons. Teachers can also review their classes afterwards or refer back to what was shared on the whiteboards.

Classes can easily be scheduled with HeyHi’s scheduling feature, where class invites can be sent and calendars can be shared with students for them to book a timing with their teachers. This provides convenience for both the students and teachers, helping to deconflict and easily schedule their online classes without much trouble.  

Educators can create pre-recorded videos of lessons too! Even when physical classes can be resumed, HeyHi will still come in handy for schools. Pre-recorded lessons can be used for physical classes, as well as aid students’ revisions at home. Educational videos would definitely be useful all the time.

HeyHi is compatible with all browsers, and is available on both Apple and Android devices. It is also free to download, with various subscription plans available for different needs. 

If you are concerned about the safety of online whiteboard softwares, you do not need to worry! HeyHi works hard to ensure the safety of online classes, with participants needing a Meeting ID and access code to join the sessions. This will prevent unwanted hacking, and educators can be assured that the online learning environment is a safe one and be able to hold their classes at ease. 


This article has introduced various interactive whiteboard softwares for schools. If you are looking for an interactive whiteboard software suitable for online lessons, we hope that this article has helped you gain more insights! 

HeyHi aims to provide an easy to use whiteboard software for users, making education an enriching experience for both students and teachers. Our all-in-one software will definitely provide you with a seamless online learning experience. 

HeyHi’s online whiteboard app is free to download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. If you would like to learn more on how to use HeyHi, feel free to book a live demo or experience the user interface for yourself! For further enquiries, you can also contact us here

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