Best Free Online Whiteboard for Math Tutoring Software for Schools

Best Free Online Whiteboard for Math Tutoring Software for Schools

Online whiteboard tools are often useful for virtual tutoring, especially for mathematics modules as they allow for clear and elaborate teaching. To conduct math classes online, whiteboard features would be most suitable for diagrams, calculations, models and more to be shown to students through the screen. 

Due to COVID-19, many schools and tuition centres have switched to online classes and are looking for suitable online platforms to hold their classes. As there are limitations that come with home-based learning and virtual classes, tutors and educators will have to find the most suitable online platform and tools to successfully deliver their tuition classes without much trouble. Pocket-friendly solutions would also be most ideal, as parents and educators would not want to fork out extra money on top of existing tuition fees for online platforms.

Math educators would require online whiteboards to effectively conduct their math lessons virtually, as there are many diagrams and models involved in math questions. Online whiteboards that are easy and convenient to use would be most ideal for educators. 

So, which online whiteboard will suit your needs best?

Different online whiteboards have their own unique selling points and features that target different users. In this article, we will be comparing various online whiteboards available as well as the different functions to recommend to you the best free online whiteboard catered to your needs. We will also be sharing the all-in-one whiteboard app most suitable for virtual math tutoring. You may just find the best online whiteboard for math tutoring for yourself from this article!

Some key functions needed for math tutoring that we will be discussing in this article are:

  1. Visual tools
  2. Integrating data and workflow
  3. Tablet friendly
  4. Live overview
  5. Unlimited whiteboard space
  6. Lesson recording

Visual Tools

Often, visual tools are necessary for math tutoring as numbers, models, diagrams and more are included in math questions. Educators would then need an online whiteboard that provides them with visual tools to aid in their online classes.

MURAL is a digital workspace designed for visual collaboration. Online meetings and workshops can be held through the platform, and it offers shared workspaces. Lists, flowcharts, frameworks and more can be used for online classes, making math tutoring interesting and engaging for the students. Though physically apart, both teachers and students can brainstorm and learn together through their whiteboard functions. Tools such as tables, diagrams and more can be accessed on their whiteboards.

A template by MURAL. Photo by MURAL.

Touch Friendly

Pinch-to-zoom gestures would be convenient for educators, as they can easily annotate and teach with their fingers. Whiteboard Fox is touch friendly, and is also compatible with stylus pens. As it may be hard to draw on laptops and computers, having touch friendly whiteboards would be ideal for educators, as they can simply use their fingers to draw models and diagrams during math tuition classes. This will help them seamlessly explain math solutions to students, without facing technical difficulty.

Live Overview offers functions that allow for discussions and questions to be sent in real-time. For tuition classes with multiple students, educators can ask questions and the students can respond with the live chat. This helps to engage the class, getting them to be more active and involved in their learning. As students may get distracted or feel bored during online classes, such features will help them be more focused, and teachers can gauge their attentiveness and receptiveness through the live chat too. 

Every student will also get the opportunity to ask and answer questions, which ensures that no one is left behind, creating a fair classroom culture for all students.

Unlimited Whiteboard Space

When having math tutoring sessions, you definitely do not want to be interrupted by a limited whiteboard space. BitPaper offers unlimited whiteboard space so you will not be held back by space constraints while conducting your math lessons. Having endless whiteboard space will also help you maximise the whiteboard with various solutions and diagrams needed for the problem sums. 

You can hold real-time tuition classes with BitPaper’s online whiteboard. Photo by BitPaper.

Lesson Recording

Another feature that educators may need when they conduct online math tutoring classes is recording functions. For math especially, students may not understand the concepts immediately, hence students may require a playback of the online lessons to revise and catch up on the content taught after classes. Bramble is an online teaching platform that offers recording features, allowing for instant playback once the lesson ends. This can help educators review their lessons and save the materials used during classes too. 


HeyHi is a powerful online whiteboard app designed specially for interactive real-time tutoring between tutors and students. 

Educators need easy to use and simple apps that can help them run their online classes smoothly. HeyHi has designed their interactive whiteboard platform to be lightweight yet powerful, providing a simple tool for distance learning. With different permissions and usage features, HeyHi caters to all educators, allowing them to hold video conferences with small groups to lecture size groups. For lecture size groups, only the lecturer’s voice and screen can be seen, preventing any interruption or distractions. Students can also easily join sessions with their mobile devices by scanning the QR code, making it easy and convenient. 

Live instant chat messaging tools are also available on HeyHi whiteboards, and teachers can engage with their students through the text chat during lessons. Questions posed by teachers can also be easily answered by the students through the integrated text chat messaging, allowing for all to participate without interrupting the class flow with unnecessary noise and disruptions. 

Collaborative learning between tutors and students can also be done. Students can annotate on the same whiteboard with their teachers’ permission. This creates an interactive and fun learning experience for students, helping them be more engaged during online classes. Educators can engage their students by getting them to solve math equations and problem sums with the shared whiteboard, helping them to learn better with the real-time help from their teachers. HeyHi’s whiteboards also offer infinite space, so you do not need to worry about running out of whiteboard space during lessons.

Images and PDF files can also be seamlessly inserted during online lessons, and educators can drag-and-drop images and files to help them with their classes. As models and diagrams are needed for math classes, this function will help tutors easily include files and images that can help students visualise and learn better. Math questions can also be displayed on whiteboards with this function, allowing educators to directly annotate and teach students using only the whiteboard. Hence, educators do not need to go through the trouble of screen-sharing or sending files to students to discuss questions with them.

HeyHi’s step-by-step video tutorial. Video by HeyHi.

After lessons, tutors can save the whiteboards as high-resolution images or as PDF files. These saved materials can aid in students’ revision, and tutors can also review their classes too. Teachers can also create a library of materials and access their worksheets and diagrams easily in their personal library. 

HeyHi’s online whiteboard tool is also cost-efficient, as users can write on their smart devices with their fingers, without needing to invest in a stylus for online classes. The whiteboards can be zoomed in and out easily, making it easy for both students and educators to use. Tutors can draw models, diagrams and more conveniently with their fingers on HeyHi’s whiteboards. This provides convenience for tutors as they do not need to navigate through computer functions to draw visual tools for students during their math lessons.

An all-in-one platform, HeyHi has online video conferencing capabilities similar to Zoom and Skype. Hence, there is no need for you to download or pair your whiteboards with other apps to hold your classes real-time! 

Check this out!

HeyHi’s online whiteboard is suitable for math tutoring, and you can easily draw mind maps, plot graphs and more simply with your fingers. Video by HeyHi.


This article has introduced various online whiteboard features that are useful for virtual math tutoring, such as visual tools and endless whiteboard space. HeyHi’s online whiteboard offers many great features for users, and will definitely be suitable for math tutoring. With the convenient and easy to use functions, math tutors can seamlessly conduct their math tuition classes with HeyHi’s online whiteboard. Both cost-efficient and user-friendly, HeyHi brings a good learning experience to both educators and students. Even though classes are virtual, educators and students would not face issues or barriers while having tuition classes.

We hope that we have helped you find the best online whiteboard suitable for online math tuition classes.

You can try out Heyhi for yourself, free of charge! Feel free to book a demo session with us if you would like to learn how to use our online whiteboard. If you have further enquiries or would like to collaborate with us, you can contact us here.

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