5 Singaporean E-learning Platforms You Must Know!

Are you finding yourself running low on convenient and efficient solutions to enhance your online teaching experience? Fret not! We understand the challenges of navigating the digital realm of education, and to assist you in discovering fresh and innovative tools, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 5 Singaporean E-learning Platforms that may have eluded your attention until now. 

These platforms offer a diverse range of features and capabilities to elevate your online teaching game and provide a richer learning experience for your learners. Let’s delve into this curated selection and explore the untapped potential!

Swift eLearning Services

(A screenshot of Swift’s demo tailor made course on its website.)

Swift is dedicated to revolutionising e-learning with cutting-edge, technology-enabled solutions on a global scale. Their learning solutions, known for their interactivity, intuitiveness, and cost-effectiveness, are designed to accelerate business learning and offer flexibility. With a diverse team of experts in learning strategy, curriculum management, graphic design, and programming, Swift prioritises the value of workplace learning.

Yet, if your preference is for a quick and straightforward solution for conventional teaching, Swift might prove to be a bit too extensive for your needs. If you’re seeking a seamless transition without a significant departure from traditional methods, Swift might not be the most suitable choice.


(A screenshot of Webanywhere’s live stage streaming service)

Webanywhere is committed to revitalising your existing Learning Management System (LMS), offering a cost-effective solution to extend your product life cycle. Their core principle revolves around engaging employees precisely when they need it, fostering continuous learning both on and off the job. This approach seamlessly integrates formal learning to accelerate the learning experience, transforming employees into perpetual learners seamlessly woven into their work environment. 

With Webanywhere, the journey to enhanced learning experiences is revealed through a unique third-party perspective. However, it’s important to note that while there have been limited use cases in K12 or academic settings, the focus has primarily been on personnel training. This distinction may deviate from the platform’s ethos but underscores its versatility and applicability in diverse learning contexts.

Wizlearn Technologies 

(A screenshot of WizLearn Technologies’ website)

Drawing from a rich reservoir of experience in the development and implementation of learning solutions, WizLearn Technologies stands out as a uniquely positioned provider of cost-effective solutions. 

Yet, if your preference leans toward a quick and straightforward solution, WizLearn’s extensive capabilities might exceed your immediate needs.

Three Learning – KOOLLAB

(A screenshot of Three Learning’s website)

Customise learning paths and assignments according to specific roles, administer courseware surveys, and collect valuable feedback. KOOLLAB surpasses fundamental functionalities by providing advanced reporting and data collection features. The outcome extends beyond efficient learning administration; it becomes a transformative experience, yielding crucial insights that empower stakeholders to establish a dynamic feedback loop. 

However, the tangible use case of their learning management system service has not been demonstrated, posing a challenge for newcomers to envision. Furthermore, for those with a primary focus on K12 education, Three Learning’s business-centric portfolio might not align with their interests.


HeyHi is the only one on the list to go beyond the conventional learning platforms, transforming the educational landscape by harnessing the power of AI technology.

HeyHi Academy empowers teachers to seamlessly digitise, organise, and manage lesson materials from any location and at any time. Transform your teaching resources into digital modules within a centralised, integrable library, enabling you to scale your teaching efforts globally.

Another vital feature for teachers as well as parents is HeyHi Assessment, where Detailed Performance Analytics help you gain insights into your learners’ progress based on concise and real-time data analysis. Identify learning gaps from peer group cross-evaluation to individual performance at granular level.

Moreover, HeyHi consistently contributes to the innovation landscape through HeyHi Collaboration, incorporating features such as Whiteboard, Community Wall, Real-time Discussion, and a variety of other tools. Going beyond the traditional teacher-student dynamic, HeyHi Collaboration facilitates peer learning and social interaction, aspects often overlooked in the realm of virtual teaching.


Swift excels in technology-enabled solutions, but its applicability to conventional teaching needs may be extensive. Webanywhere, though versatile, primarily focuses on personnel training, potentially deviating from immediate teaching requirements. WizLearn Technologies, with its extensive capabilities, may surpass traditional teaching needs. However, KOOLLAB, offering transformative learning experiences, may be more comprehensive than necessary for straightforward teaching requirements. Amidst the array of e-learning platforms, HeyHi emerges as the optimal choice, leveraging AI technology to redefine the educational landscape.

HeyHi Academy simplifies global teaching with its user-friendly platform for digitising, organising, and managing lesson materials. Additionally, HeyHi Assessment provides detailed performance analytics for comprehensive progress tracking. Furthermore, HeyHi Collaboration hit the socialising gap on online teaching, elevating education experience with more peer engagement. Opt for HeyHi for unmatched convenience, the closest match to your needs, and a commitment to reshaping education through innovative technology. Start a FREE trial now by signing up here!

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