HeyHi at EDUtech Asia 2023

HeyHi at EDUtech Asia 2023: Progressing Forward into The Future of Education

EDUtech Asia is known as one of Asia’s largest conferences and exhibitions for educators and EdTech providers. There are hundreds of solutions provided by the world’s leading education technology players and a further 60 up-and-rising EdTech start-ups showcasing the latest solutions in the exhibition. 

HeyHi, as one of the cutting-edge EdTech solution providers for educators around the world, joined this year EDUtech Asia 2023 as an exhibitor. Bringing AI-enabled assessment & personalised learning system, in a collaborative learning space, HeyHi received a great number of interested and enthusiastic educator visitors that sought to elevate their teaching.

The Future of Teaching and Learning

Through our products, HeyHi has been empowering educators to perform optimally by leveraging AI in Content, Learning, and Performance Management. Gathering intrigued visitors from all around Asia such as Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Korea, India, and many more in EDUtech Asia 2023, we were able to share how we solve teaching and learning issues through our unique AI technology.

To enable effective assessment, HeyHi supports educators to digitise and classify their contents swiftly on top of our extensive ready-to-use question bank. Contents can then be generated and tailored for each learner using our AI Generator with auto marking feature that saves up educator’s time. To track learner’s performance, HeyHi collects tons of data points that contribute to a robust data analytics that pinpoint learning gaps and enable adaptive assessments.

For managing learning contents such as modules and courses, HeyHi offers our Academy that acts as a centralised content library with high accessibility, enabling organisation and productization of contents & materials, while also facilitating different modes of delivery – DRIP-FEED, self-paced, and adaptive learning mode. The flexibility offered helps educators to have more time in planning their lessons or engaging with learners.

Lastly, HeyHi provides educators a dynamic Learning Space that mimics real classroom experience. With interactive online whiteboard, integrated video conferencing, and synergistic teaching tools, educators can create a collaborative and more engaging learning experience for their learners whether online, on-site, or even blended learning.

Don’t worry if you could not meet us in EDUtech Asia 2023. Explore more about us at www.heyhi.sg/ or watch our videos on our Youtube channel.


About HeyHi

HeyHi is a unique AI-enabled assessment and personalised learning system that empowers educators to teach and personalise education efficiently and seamlessly in a highly collaborative learning environment. With versatile teaching options for live and self-paced instructions in online, on-site, and blended learning settings, we enhance learners’ potentials and borderless learning.

For more information about EDUtech Asia, please visit terrapinn.com/exhibition/edutech-asia/

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