Lecture+ is released on 22 Apr 2020

Heyhi just released a new meeting mode which is called Lecture+. This mode allows a meeting with up to 12 users, host inclusive.

Using Lecture+, host can:

  • See and speak directly to everyone in the meeting.
  • Participants will not see and hear other participants.
  • Participants speak directly to host, this is no different from Classroom and Lecture mode.
  • Whiteboard and chat functions are the same as other modes.

Lecture+ is recommenced as an alternative to the classic Classroom mode.

Some advantages when using Lecture+ are listed below:

  • More participants
  • Reduce noise and distractions from participants compared to Classroom mode
  • Higher privacy for participants

Starting from May 2020, Classroom mode will be limited to 4 Users only (previously allowing up to 8 Users).

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