Important changes in Jun 2021

New feature “Tutorial” (coming 1 June 2021)

A new feature “Tutorial” will be introduced for you to engage your students offline. You may create tutorials or readings and send them to your students. Your students may review these materials at their own time, make their notes, answer polls set by you and they may even get into the tutorials as a study group to review the notes and lend support to each other. You will be able to review the summary of the polls as well as answers of each individual students.

This is one of the few more new features coming up. So stay tune!

Updates to Plans
With the introduction of new features in June, there will be some changes made to the Free Plan wef 15 June 2021.

Free Plan:
Wef from 15 June 2021, meeting on the Free Plan will be limited to
– a duration 20min
– host to invite up to 2 guests on Classroom mode
– host to invite up to 10 guests on Lecture+ mode
– host to invite up to 20 guests on Lecture mode

Current Free Plan users may use “JUN21” code (valid till 30 June 2021) to get a 25% discount when you upgrade to Basic or Pro Plan.

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